The Chronicles: So, we've heard about you....how the hell is everyone else doing?

Welcome readers! Today I am starting a new segment simply titled: The Chronicles. Every now and then I will feature an interview from a fellow study abroad student, foreigner, native or etc! I've got three Q&A's coming up for you this weekend with my fellow CSU students about the first three weeks of our six week long intensive language program at Hermann Hesse Kolleg in Horb, Germany. First up:

Jennifer Kim, 20, San Francisco State University

Why did you decide to come to Germany for your study abroad?
"Because, well, I already knew that I wanted to study abroad and since I had already taken German it seemed logical. I really liked the language a lot."
Why do you think it is so important for students to go abroad?
"Because it is important to be open minded and see how others live too."
How are you funding your trip abroad?
"My parents are supporting me, so right now I don’t have any loans or anything like that. They are supporting me 100%."
Did you look into or apply for any scholarships?
"I attempted, but I didn’t submit anything because I already knew that I didn’t have to [support myself in that way]."
Going back to school, how many semesters of German have you taken? 
 "I have taken two semesters."
How do you feel your German has progressed in these first three weeks?
"It’s definitely [progressed]. My speaking has gotten a little better because at home [with my host family] I can't speak English and it forces me to speak more German which is very good. I have learned a lot of vocabulary words. Mostly like speaking and understanding wise it has gotten a lot better."
What are some challenges you have overcome?
"Speaking German, because I know that I am not good at learning languages. Just basically the German and trying to adapt to a new culture and environment [that you are not familiar with]."
What is your favorite way to study?
"I think just rewriting everything, like making an outline and making flashcards."
Where do you expect to be in three weeks at the end of the intensive, and the beginning of our school semester?
"I don’t know to be quite honest."
Okay and lastly, what has been the best thing about Germany thus far?
"Meeting new people, meeting my host family because I have grown really fond of them. And even though it’s scary [being in this new environment]...everything."

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