Kristy Gabel, 18,Humboldt State University

Why did you decide to come to Germany for your study abroad?
"Well, it was part of my major (International Studies) that I was required [to go abroad] and the idea grew on me. "
Why do you think it is so important for students to go abroad?
"It broadens your perspective and you get to see the world."
How are you funding your trip abroad?
"My parents. Kind of spoiled I guess."
Going back to school, how many semesters of German have you taken? 
"None, actually. I did Rosetta Stone."
How do you feel that you have progressed in these first three weeks?
"My German, my perspective of the world in politics and the economy is bigger."
What are some challenges you have overcome?
"Speaking the language. My goal is to just become fluent. It is a big challenge for me and it's a difficult language. "
Where do you expect to be in three weeks at the end of the intensive, and the beginning of our school semester?
"I will definitely be more out in German life, and it should be a lot better [when I can speak more of the language.]"
Okay and lastly, what has been the best thing about Germany thus far?
"The food, I love the food here. I like to see all the little differences of how things are here."

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