Was? Was?

**I am listening to the 'Gentle Hours' by Yo La Tengo as I write this. It might explain the tone I guess.**

It is the beginning of my second day with my host family, and although I am feeling much better about my understanding of German, my fluency....well, not so much. Maybe the culture shock is pouring down on me today. My family does not speak English so it is very easy for me to tune out of the conversation, get stuck on a word, or literally choke on the German I am trying to say and give simple answers of yes or no.

Last evening after playing a game of darts, my host brother said 'rein gehen?' but I didn't understand and said: "Ich weiss nicht' although I really should I have I don't understand (Ich verstehet nicht) and he goes, "weiss nicht? weiss nicht??" It was funny but sad at the same time because of the frustration. I asked him in German for an example and soon found out rein gehen is simply 'go inside." heh.

Don't get me wrong. My host family is awesomely sweet and I don't feel left out at all. It's just, I want to be able to understand what they are saying to me and speak back without sounding like a nark. The intensive language program starts tomorrow and I think after having 6 hours of German everyday, I will finally get the hang of things.

Today my host father's family, who lives right next to us in the bottom of a house (like a in-law apartment), will be coming over for lunch. I am excited to meet them so I am brushing up on a few courtesy phrases.

Talk to you later. And if you want anymore details on how it's all going down over here, don't hesitate to ask. It's quite a scary place at this moment but it's still quite lovely as well.

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