Unter die Brücke (under the bridge)

Not much love for you today bloggers! The day was full out PLP tests to figure out which German intensive program I should enter, Kaufland (a Walmart-Target transfusion), Aldi (just like America!) friendly restaurateurs at a Turkish food joint and DM!I also took a 50 minute walk home which included basically hiking up a forest and then pushing through unknown trails until I reached my destination.

It also involved a group of fellow students drinking beer and alcohol under the local bridge.

**I promise to take my camera with me everywhere and anywhere from now on!***


  1. Actually, Aldi originally is from Germany, and from what I've heard they've pretty much transplanted their business model 1:1 over there.

    Furthermore, there are _two_ Aldi companies in Germany - Aldi Süd and Aldi North, each belonging to a different one of the Aldi brothers, and they have partitioned Germany and the rest of the world between them. Aldi USA is owned by Aldi Süd. Aldi North, in the meantime, owns Trader Joe's.

  2. Well they do have the same labels but the Aldi in America is full of items that have been thrown out from the real supermarkets (or so it seemed to me about 3 years ago). Many people wouldn't shop there but in Germany it's just a great bargain shop.