Music Monday: Brandon Flowers

Sorry there was a MM hiatus for a moment there. Today, I have a very outgoing artist whose music was actually playing in a German clothing store I was in on Samstag(Saturday). (and by today, really meaning Monday, hopefully it is Monday now and wherever you are)

Brandon Flowers. Musical Genius? I wouldn't have thought so just by the few albums heard (and not completely loved) by his band, The Killers. But boy. 'Crossfire' his first single from his debut solo album FLAMINGO? To die for. I listened to it once upon its release and soon forgot about it. But, while wondering a German 'New Yorker' store it struck me as foreign, lovely, who was singing and creating that sound??? Pondering around the store a few moments came the realization that alas, it was Brandon Flowers, whom I had watched clutched in the hands of a striking and strong Charlize Thereon in the corresponding music video. I was hit with the 'Crossfire' bug.

You're thinking: okay, great. he has what? one song out? one-hit wonder much? Take a listen here:
Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

BAM! Was that in your face enough! Did you have to play it a few times to make sure that its amazingness was true? Hated it? Let me know! But I'm going to prove you wrong with this song.
click here and look nowhere click it's a surprise!

WHEW! That's right. Rufus 'mothereffing' Wainwright felt so inspired after meeting Brandon Flowers that he wrote a song about him! Getting the picture? Still hating it? Loved it even more than me? Wishing the album had leaked already? Guess you'll have to wait. In the meantime, drop a comment and let me know what artist/album/tune you're digging at the moment!

Oh! There is also a deluxe edition with a pretty badass counterpart photo for the cover.

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