Music Monday: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire captured my hear t a while ago with the album ‘Neon Bible.’ They have struck me again within these past few days however. Their new album really isn’t all the smashing, but a few songs have interested me: ‘The Suburbs’, ‘Rococo’, ‘We used to wait’ and ‘Ready to start.”
The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
 P.S. I went to see the Sorcerer’s Apprentice this weekend and it was surprisingly really, really, amazing. Jay Baruchel has officially taken my celebrity ‘crush heart.” The charming Canadian even has a maple leaf tattoo over his heart! Anywho, the point of that was point you out to a lovely song that was featured in the movie and although I do not really enjoy this band, this song is quite great.
Secrets - One Republic
'chu welcome!

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