Ludwigsburg: and he said, 'babe you've got a lot to learn before you fill the boots"

We took a very long (so long it was really a 'workout' excursion in it's own right) to Ludwigsburg, Germany to explore the palace and garden. It took about an hour and two trains to get there, but it was worth it to explore another piece of this lovely country!

Our first stop was the Markplatz where there was a farmers market and copious bakeries. We ate our host mother packed lunches. :)

Even further after, I had a bonfire with my host family and their extended family and friends. It was a great experience and I spoke lots of German that night! Even though there was one man there who spoke English and kept asking copious questions (but I am an auslander!) My host sister, who has always seemed really shy, came over to me and made conversation about the day and such. I also played a German version of hide and seek with her and my youngest host brother. It was really enlightening and I feel great about my next five weeks here in Horb.

I still have to crack open my German dictionary everyday, but I can distinguish separate conversations and even make up some intermediate sentences. This next week I have an oral presentation and it's time to buckle down and learn the language I came here for! An old student here (who now speaks brilliant German after a year) said he really had to steer clear of solely hanging with his American buddies, and become a part of his host family. He said he went from the bottom of his class to the top. Such a transformation! I only hope to do as well. While here in Germany, I have definitely picked out those who came to learn and those who came to party.

There was a farmer's market and these blossoms reminded me of my friend Kristina.
palace photo!
there was a wedding taking place! Can you even image how much that cost???
Garten ticket and fellow students

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