How's that sound to you?

I am not one to lazily sit around on breaks when I have the time, money, and proximity to travel! Officially planned is my first trip of my year abroad. And it involves more than a few stops in 10 days. After leaving my current homestay, I will have orientation and then a week long break with nothing to do, so here is the plan:
DEPART (A): my university in GermanyTRIP B(1-2 DAYS): Munich (to celebrate the end of the 200TH Oktoberfest)
TRIP C(1/2 DAY): Wiesbaden (to visit my birthplace; maybe check out the hospital)
TRIP D(1 + 1/2 DAYS): Cologne (explore)
TRIP E(2 DAYS): Dusseldorf (explore)
TRIP F(3 DAYS): Brussels (yum waffles! And why else? Because it's close enough to Duss not to miss!)
RETURN(G): back to my dorm in university or a relaxing night or two until school the next morning

I will be purchasing a 25% DB card and so train will probably be my main transport, but we will see how cheap plane tickets are. I am also planning on embarking alone (it's part of the journey folks!) but that could change if a friend or two wishes to accompany.

And don't worry, I realize how close to Switzerland I am! That trip is being saved for a nice long weekend where I can rent a hotel and soak it in!

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