Hallo and Guten Morgen!

I know what you;re thinking: how is Germany? Well, it's fricken amazing! I don't want to drag on because I do not like to backtrack but I will tell you about my last night in the hostel on the 12th of August. Me and my roommate, Julia, where super on board for the idea of getting the most out of our last night in Tuebingen before our language courses started in Horb. We started by going to this amazing bar ( I will call it my Liebenskneipe) with my SFSU friend Sam and some of his friends and I tried something I never had because well, when in Germany right!? I got an "Italian Gipsiy" and Julia got a "Latin Lover." The boys were talking to a few Germans in a bit of a language exchange (much like I had my second night in Horb with a group of really awesome Germans (hello Juan, Juilan, David and Max if you found a link and are reading!) Anywho, the barkeeper ended up being super amazing and giving me and Julia $4 drinks and we talked with him about how Germans always speak to Americans in the bar and vice versa. He was super nice and when I was finally ready to go back to the hostel (qwith my other SFSU friend Lucas because we wanted to wake up early) he gave me a rose!

Haha. That was really sweet and so after saying good bye we headed back to the hostel where, after seeing my new German friends on the balacony, I decided to join them once again for my last night. I talked with Julian first, who is lovely and headed to New Zealand for 11 months is a week or so because instead of joining the German army he decided to join Social Services, in which you tae an 11 month trip to a new country and either teach kindergarten or help the handicap. He will be doing the latter. I also chatted with David, who was going to China and he was pretty much the biggest smartass ever but i's the kind of humour I enjoy. He really broke my stereotypes about Germans being really uptight and having a huge barrel of personal space. I hope to visit him in China while here in Germany so that will be cool, then also, Juan wanted me to join him in Las Vegas on his birthday next year (haha I don't know if he was joking about going or what) but he will be turning 21, and last, Max was very excited about California and asked if he could come visit me when I return. Well, of course!

Well anywho, we seriously stayed up til 230am talking about everything and we even talked politics which I have heard is a sign that a German really considers you to be worth talking to. :) So all in all it was really enlightening and we had fruehstuck yesterday mornign and also went to the bank together before we said our final goodbyes.

Today I am in Horb with my hostfamily and they are amazing although they speak no English. It has been hard because my German sucks, sucks sucks! But, I think it will be better in the end! Sorry this is so long, I have been in Deutschland sehr lange already and haven't had time to spill my guts to you all. With the addition of my internet finally my posts should become more direct and clear. My next post will be all about how I am handling finances here.

P.S. My host mother listens to this radio station that plays a mixture of all American music and this morning I heard her humming along to "California Girls" by Katy Perry. :P

Bis Spaeter!

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