Freiburg, marry thee?

My language program took a trip to Freiburg this last Saturday. What an awesome city! We didn't see much (whew it is a 3 hour, 3 train ride!) But, I really loved the atmosphere, shops, etc. It's now at the top of my list for transferring in the Spring. We took a city tour (with a STUD as a guide aka my friend cute host brother!) and also went inside the Munster church. Take a peek at what I saw:
the Muenster

These 'rivers' are all over the city. Legend tells us that if you fall in you'll marry someone from the city!
freshness in barrels
the vendor at this stop, called me Michelle Obama and put me in this pose! Fun times for sure.

 Next stop: Music Monday!


  1. That shot of the barrels is awesome. And the fact that she called you Michelle Obama cracked me up, haha. Great photos!

  2. Haha thanks Dominick. At first I was confused as to what he was saying in German but when I figured it out, I couldn't contain my laughter either.