Euros and cents

Wow. Frugal Angela has got her hands full over here in Deutschland! My first few days here were such a blur in terms of keeping track of all the euros I have spent. I came over with 330 euros, and within 2 days, I had no idea where most of it went. Luckily, most of it was hidden in parts of my bags, clothing, etc. Haha.

Since the drinking age is 21 here, many of my fellow friends were hitting the bars regularly while we were in Tuebingen. It was so easy to get caught up in the conversations with my fellow Californians, the barkeepers and the friendly Germans who we shared language exchange. I really had to sit myself down and think back to what I had been purchasing, but since many of the shops do not give receipts, it took a lot of work. My money was falling down the barrel of a keg.

The second I realized, I made a mental note to write every single thing I purchased down in a journal I had been keeping my thoughts in. It has really helped me subside my cravings for purchasing. Also, I had to train my brain to remember that not everyone has the same financial problems and advantages, and I needed to remember that money was tight on my side.

That is the tips I have to offer all of you who plan to travel overseas at one point. I got lucky with Euros seeing as it is very easy to understand how much you are giving away to someone, but, keep your money close. Even churches are known to have a theft or two. Tuebingen is one of the safest towns and crimes are not really heard of here. In fact, the police are the friendliest ever. They will even drive you home if you are lost or drunk.

P.S. I had a fun time with my host family today but I really want to get out and explore. In Tuebingen I enjoyed being able to converse with Germans from all over the town and here it really is just me and my host family. Alhdorf is quite small but my host family has a big garden and farm. The only sucky part is that there are no shops of any kind available. You must travel to another town to get anything that isn't available in the garden.

One good thing is that my host father took me around today and showed me the other towns and also a tennis court that I can play on. I think I am going to try and get down there a few nights a week and maybe this will introduce me to more Germans. I wish my host family played but the children (Kinder) all play Tisch-Tennis and Football (soccer). We'll see how it all plays out.

Danke Schoen.

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