Whew! Been a while since you've had a good does of decent posts hasn't it? I just haven't felt very inspired to write any REAL things that may actually help or entertain people.

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Pre-study abroad work has been all about estimates and probably's. "Hello Angela! We here at International Programs estimate you'll spend this and this." And I'm sitting on the other line like:
 It's very difficult. It means that your money to save for the trip is also an estimate as well. In another finance post, I noted costs for the trips and my budget--many which were approximated by my school, due to fluctuating euro to dollar exchanges. A lot has changed since then for better and worse. Bad updates first:

  • I keep spending worthless dollars here and there on food at school. I try to hold my appetite til I get home, but as soon as I realized I packed my wallet, I'm at the cafe. 
  • Minus $200 for a set of things for Germany I bought off a former study abroad alumni.
  • Minus $313.00 to pay off my credit card
  • Minus $30.00 to pay for summer course materials
  • Estimated $75.00 left to pay for final days of summer course [7 more at 2x a week]
  • I still need a snow coat, snow boots, casual tall boots for pre-Germany.
  • FAFSA told me I was getting summer financial aid, but I never received it til now. $2007.00 was deposited yesterday, -$313 to pay off my credit card though. : p
  • My rent deposit came back! it was a bit more than $477.00 but that's because my last roommate didn't fully pay his rent so there's more coming back in a bit. It will be divided among my last roommates. (except for one you may have heard about in the first posts at RSE.)
  • I have stopped bringing my wallet to school, instead only bringing a little more than just enough for my round-trip transportation.
  • The money I spent to pay off my credit card made me officially debt free.
  • The money ($200) I spent to get that almuni list shortened my list of things to get when I arrive in Germany dramatically to: bike, shower curtain, skype headset.....done. (yep! I even got an international cell phone in the package)
  • I am doing the smart thing and putting $1200 of the FAFSA into a high yield savings, and putting the rest in my other savings account.
There are a few estimates here and there that make it hard to re-create my budget, but I will post it up soon. Wow. Germany is only a mere month away! Fashion posts are to ensue because like I said, I am on the search for a nice pair of black or brown boots (snow and casual) **size 9.5 cough cough***and a winter coat for the Tuebingen cold!

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