I have both gained and lost ten pounds while spending the summer with my dad and stepmom. Ugh, and I  still had 10 pounds to shed before arriving to reach a prior goal! Weight. weight. weight. Such a pesky subject isn't it? I've been mulling at the thoughts of a detox for a while and with a week and a half to go before leaping (maybe not actually) onto a plane to be whisked off to Germany, I wanted to flush both toxins and the three months of great homemade, okay fast food and quick snacks that have been piling in my belly since June.

No. No.

That is not the Master Cleanse you see before you, but a lovely fresh lemon from the garden accompanied by hot water, bombay chai from Mighty Leaf and honey. I have replaced two meals with hot water, lemon, honey (and a teabag if I would like.) So, one snack and a great big plate of food for lunch or dinner are still available to me. Healthy versions of course! And I am also drinking lots of room temperature water, to keep my body hydrated during the process. I will probably continue the detox through next Friday, after which I will be having a last dinner with my family here in California before the trip.

So now let's ponder: What are your thoughts on detoxing? Do you believe in it? Would you ever do it (even in modification form like myself)?

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