RANT: My first bicycle commute (aka: mini-tragedy) + word for today

Today was my first day commuting to school with my bicycle, and....it did not go well. Ugh! I got lost for a whole hour in the freaking country and wound up crying and being shuttled to the bus station by a very nice bus driver who took me there for free after seeing me clueless on the road.

I was late to class about 30 minutes, and my butt is so sore!!! Actually, my entire body is sore. I guess an hour (plus my commute coming back from the BART) really puts a toll on me. I haven't rode a bike for a number of years so I wasn't shocked when I had to jump off the bike and walk up hills. SOO HARD! It also probably didn't help that I only ate---woah, wait. I only ate NOTHING for breakfast! Such a mistake and I have no idea why it happened because I left at 11am and I usually eat breakfast at 8am. Must have been too busy watching Wimbledon.

I was so wiped out from getting lost that I had to stop and chug the soda in my pack because I needed something to give me energy and that was all I had. When I got to school I had an applesauce and large fruit smoothie. Much better. Now I am carbo-loading with Doritos, kettle corn and a sandwich. I am serious!

Thanks for enjoying this rant.

 müde - tired, weary
Ich bin müde!
(I am tired.)

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