PM Life: Reading in German

I downloaded a copy of German Rosetta Stone online, but I find it a bit tedious and don't study with it as much as I should to amp my German conversation. I also have been watching many movies in German with English subtitles because I have heard it helps. Many of them have been lovely and although I like to watch them, I'm not sure if I have gain much. Besides a few topics of conversation.

One of my classmates knew a guy who learned a language by reading Harry Potter in the foreign lanuguage. Harry Potter. Eeek! Just happens to be one of my favorite books ever, so I went on Amazon and ordered the first one auf Deutsch and also a copy of Der Kleine Prinz (German). I am hoping to next earn enough Swagbucks so that I can buy the rest of the set, which are pretty pricey and I will have to buy them on the German Amazon site. I'm quite optimistic though.

They should arrive next week and so I can get the ball rolling before my trip. I think it's important not to rely on whatever you learned during your school semester. I was only in German 1 so I don't really think I grasped much as people think I have. Plus, I am going to have a host family for the first six weeks. Of course they will know that my German is nicht sehr gut, but I would feel more confident walking into this new experience with more vocabulary.

My lesson today is to start reading things in the language you wish to become fluent in. Not just your textbook, but a real book that you connect with and enjoy. It will encourage you to do the work with translating and learn the new vocab. I wonder what the word for wizard is.


  1. I am SO buying a French version of HP then.

  2. Do it! I really wanted to buy the French version because the cover art is lovely. But I was like, I can't read the French and German versions! My head would explode.