PM Finance: FAFSA and Scholarships

Today has been quite a lovely day in the world of finance for me. I returned a juicer to Target that my mother bought putting a bit more than $65 in my pockets. I did spent $20 of that on a cheap racket and some tennis balls, but we'll put that on the back burner. (I haven't played since high school, but I love watching and playing the game; my not-so-secret wish is to join the German team at my study abroad university).

In the VERY VERY best news, I received official notification of my Gilman scholarship! I got the maximum award and boy are my shoulders light now.
I also received confirmation of my FAFSA for the year, the same as usual, which is a substantial amount. I am still waiting on two scholarships, but I am having a happy day.
Here are the basics of my study abroad finances as of now:

Gilman Scholarship $5,000
Financial Aid $7,000 ($3,325 fall ; $3,675 spring)
Personal Monetary Values (flux but as of now) $1900 [about]

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