Music Monday: Happy Birthday to me

It's my birthday! Just a day dedicated to me and my twin (yup, there's another me in the world!) My first day of not being a teenager, twenty years of life are now aged upon my skin. I have class today but to get over that sad fact and make the day brighter I have compiled my favorite birthday songs. No other plans for the day :(

Okay well I am going to dinner with my dad to some fancy pants French restaurant and my nana's coming over to say hi so...it should be a good day. Besides this genetically modified patty cake looking chicken sandwich I got from Subway. I'll show you guys a picture when I'm out of the library. One smidge of it and my stomach flopped over! Yuck. Going to write them a letter.

Anywho, there was a razzle, dazzle and cackle post ready for today but I left my computer at home for some reason! For those of you that follow my twitter you know Blogger image uploader was not cooperating last night. I don't feel like editing and recreating what I did last night but as soon as I reach home you guys are in for a treat. Some super special celebrities wanted to stop by and say hello to me.... :) Okay. Okay! Here's a little jpg to hold you guys over:

Alright so here are some "Happy Birthday" songs written by artists I enjoy:

Wow. oh wow. OH WOW! Did you hear what he says in the introduction?**hint: the picture is the song! click the image to go to the mp3** "Simon's twenty in an hour." How strange that the only recording of this is for someone who was turning twenty as well! And well, you can't go wrong with The Cure.
Sufjan Stevens, loyal recipient of the first music Monday post! I don't want to give any true spoilers but he came to say hello on my birthday....guess you'll have to wait till this evening to find out what I mean!
 Andrew Bird and I could be birdwatching buddies I wouldn't mind that he thinks "being alone can be quite romantic," because being together with his lovely music is too! I'd listen to this all day even if it wasn't my birthday.
This Norwegian born singer is full of happiness and spirit! This song is a bit of a sad tune though. His concerts are always super lovely and he's never one to turn down a fan. This birthday song is from his 2007 album, "Phantom Punch." And no, he did not come to say happy birthday today because he is too busy with his lovely model of a wife in Oslo. Haha. But I do recommended you check out ALL of his albums because they will make you feel all bubbly inside. Maybe a music Monday is in store?

I hope that you all really appreciate and open up your pockets and shelves to leave a little space for these guys. What are your favorite birthday songs? Is there a song you like to listen to on your special day?

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