Look what arrived!

Well, these items actually arrived a few days ago, but here they are!

I'm so excited to dive in, but I've got a lot of schoolwork to make up beforehand since I have to leave summer courses I week early. Ugh, why could the CSU have picked later dates for me to arrive? Oh well. I really want to to ace these four course to bring my GPA up before leaving (it lowered after a horrible ASTR class).

I am hoping to boost my GPA now because I am not sure how I will react in the German classroom. I could excel or I could, well....let's not jump into hasty situations. I'm quite confident in my academic skills but the world is an unpredictable place. The point is that I would like my grades to be a bit higher.

In better news my youngest half-brother is visiting today and I got to enjoy this succulent breakfast:
Oh wait, that was Otis' idea of breakfast here's mine...

 A whole wheat English muffin with berries. The strawberries were organic and just about the best I've tasted in a while. Just look how red they are!
 Here is your delightful word for today:
Liebe - love
Ich liebe dich.
(I love you.)

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