I'm Scared

 As this study abroad draws near, I'm thinking more and more about the future everyday. And you know what? I'm SCARED. I just spent a couple hours sifting through online research on journalism majors and careers, and...it's pretty bleak. If I don't find my 'niche' in the industry quickly, I fear that I will end up working useless jobs all my life. I don't want to do freelance. I'm not a huge fan of broadcast journalism. What the *bleep* am I going to do?

I think I'm going on this study abroad trip for a lot more than a chance to fully explore the German culture and language. Maybe it's to find a true passion for something that can get me somewhere. My dad keeps buggin me about entering a military job. The security in it is the reason why. Both him and my mother disapprove of my major choice, and I use to not care. But, like I said, I am now officially worried.

The funny thing is that I didn't even want to go to college. I wanted to explore the world, with no real direction. But after being berated by my grandma on my father's side and then having others nod in agreement...that idea was quickly diminished. Le sigh. Guess I'll have to keep my head up and just graduate. The sooner I get out, the sooner I can find my right path.
Whew. I'm tired. I just walked 3 miles home after having to commute by myself sans-car to San Francisco and back because the 'rents are out of town. Having a bite of this Mexican + corn muffin fiesta:
 Goodnight! Whoaaa... almost forgot:
Wasser - water
Ich trank Wasser.
(I drank water.)

P.S. The man that I have grown up watching and have had a crush on since the age of 9 is IN AMERICA. RUPERT GRINT! Ahhh, I am extremely jealous of the Floridians that experienced this ginger-haired masterpiece:


  1. Yeah, journalism is certainly one of the... tougher fields to find a job in these days.

    And it's probably not enough to get a degree, but also to find a niche in which you can stand out.

    Maybe, after your trip is over, you should compile your blog, rewrite it into a coherent text, and sell it as an ebook on Amazon - selling ebooks there is open to anyone, and it would certainly help you to stand out in future applications... ;)

  2. I'd certainly be interested in reading it - I'm always curious to see how others view Germany from an outsider's perspective...