A coat for Germany/ Ein Mantel fuer Deutschland

Only a short month left to go before I am boarding a plane to Germany. Wow. That was even scary to write down. The anxiety is building up so much but it's time to prepare not to be scared! We have been informed that the weather will be quite chilly until about May or so in Tuebingen, and I am sure that I won't want to wear the coats I have on hand currently. Except for one that I inherited from my last roommate. They are not really warm enough and the styles do not really appeal to me anymore. They are all also more than two years old. Do you ever feel unprepared for the elements of the world?

Today I enjoyed the best healthy treat in the house: a cup of greek Chobani yogurt with fresh strawberries from a local CA farmer. It looks a bit like cool whip and berries though. Mm. If only I had granola!

Back to what I was saying about Germany. For right now, I don't really have my heart set on any coats. There are a few "maybes" but none that speak to me. As far as winter shoes go, I do have my heart set on a pair of black or purple Moon Boots to keep my toesies warm! I would also like to acquire a pair of brown or black tall boots for the trip. My primary concern though is a nice and comfortable coat for Germany. Here are a few that I found pleasing:

note: I definitely can't afford some of these but they are listed because I like the styles and/or they could potentially be bought at a later time.

Burberry Brit Packable Trench Coat $595 (on pre-order) 
Who doesn't love a nice Burberry trench? I see so many lovely coats on there website but I know that one purchase will set me back a while, especially since most likely I won't be working in Germany. Sigh. There are quite nice to look at though.

Burberry Short Double Breasted Packaway Trench Coat $595
 I know, I know. Two more?? Well, these are the exact same just two different colours. I am leaning more towards the grey--although it is not like I will ever purchase these anytime soon. It is made out of polyester and there is a similar one made with 100% cotton and comes with a Burberry warm lining, but I'm not sure the price hike to $895 is worth it. Here's a peek at the lining anyway:

I also enjoy this MUCH cheaper option by Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson wool blend heart button peacoat $169.99
How practical! This coat is really enjoyable and the red and purple are colour options to be considered. They are not too bold (a departure for Betsey) and the fact that they are wool is sure to keep me warm in the cold and snow. Also, if you are able to zoom (the coat is on bluefly.com) there are actually hearts on the buttons! What a cute little accessory.

Well, that's all I know (my Grandpa always says that when the conversation has quieted down and he's ready to stop talking.) Please let me know if you have any alternative suggestions for keeping warm in Germany. Danke!
P.S. Word for today is officially changing it's title to "Just a word" because daily posting like that is a bit mind-racing. This alteration will give me time to think of better words and sentences, that way your mini-German-learning-experience is a bit better. 

P.S.S. Who didn't love Emma Watson's bag and boots at Glatsonbury?? Her boyfriend is not too shabby either, but I just love her style. The hair is working for me too.

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