PM: Life

Feeling a lot better today. I checked my grades online and although I am still waiting for two, I ended up with a 'C' in Astronomy! I must have actually done really well on my final, which makes me quite happy. My g.p.a is still much lower than it has ever been and then I ever want it to be, but I am still above the 3.15 mark and have two years to increase in back to 3.60 or higher. My German courses next fall might be the boost. I'm going to work really hard not only because I will have to prove myself against the natural German students, I really want to become fluent and German and kick my fellow study abroad students' asses. Haha. I am only a bit competitive.

I am hoping to purchase a new tennis racket so I can practice over the summer and join the tennis team at the German university I will be at. Also, I am aiming to swim every week while at my dads (he has a community pool) for exercise and a bicycle for when I have to commute to summer school, although I'm not sure that is a good idea. When I am in Germany I will have to buy one anyway.
Alright, back to watching Daria.

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