Sorry I have been missing in action for so long you guys! I was rushing like crazy to get things in order before leaving Germany and know I have a lot to do before I get back to school. I'll be back in action soon!


Eight Days, Eight To-Do's

Oh man, this is getting pretty emotional. With eight days left, barely any funds and a plane ticket to America calling my name, it's time to get things done. None of these are must-dos, as I'm pretty much free from obligation until I leave next Tuesday, but they'd be nice to complete. What things you may ask?

  1. Ride in the front of the Tuebingen. There are these perfect larger sized seats in the fronts of our buses, I always wanted to snag one. I'm dong it within these eight days.
  2. Learn how to deposit change into the bank. I have an overwhelming amount and don't want it to go to waste for however long it takes me to get back into Europe.
  3. Sell the rest of my crap. Don't want it, feel bad throwing it away.
  4. Use up the free movie/food tickets I got from a Rent-an-American gig (any Germany movie recs?)
  5. Get a decent grade in Grammatik (kind of out of my hands now, as I think I bombed my last final....ugh)
  6. Enjoy a nice end of study abroad BBQ with my fellow CSU students
  7. Use my one-way ticket to America
  8. Write my article for the Gilman Scholarship (who helped my year abroad come true!)


What Would You Do With 10 Days of No Responsibility?

I have ten days left of my study abroad journey in Germany. It will continue on for a bit after reaching America, because adjusting back into the American lifestyle is not going easy, and I'm preparing to be really overwhelmed.

"You mean they just put ice in your drinks?"
"They are bagging our groceries, isn't that our job?"
"Holy crap, there are 237 VARIETIES OF EVERYTHING HERE!"
They do have Subway though. Never been inside; heard it's pretty similar except the cookies aren't 'chewy'.
I know that some of these things don't seem like much a of shock to anyone who hasn't study abroad, but it really is quite strange to lose those little bits of life. For the next ten days I have pretty much free reign of what I'd like to do except that I'm a) finally broke b) in dire need of packing my suitcase c) too sad to start anything else. So, I'm going to throw it onto you guys: What would you do with ten days of no responsibility?

Going back to the pieces of life that will soon overwhelm me, I am hoping it's the little things that take my mind away from the huge responsibilities that lay forth for me upon return, like:

  • finding a part-time job
  • finding an internship
  • finding an apartment in San Francisco

This year was all about finding myself and becoming more secure with who I am.  Now, I am heading back to America to find things that will help this new persona I've adopted into a secure one. Hide and Seek was never my forte but you could say that this year in Germany allowed me to hide from lots of the big issues that were coming in my life, but also strategize and prepare myself for them.

When I get off that plane, and step onto American soil next week, it's going to start one hell of a search.


It All Ends (A Two Week Reflection)

It seems that just yesterday I was altering this blog into my study abroad journal, getting ready to fly over into my birth country. Well hello Father Time because it's two weeks until my departure date. I'm headed to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter tonight with a couple friends, and looks like I'm going to be using about 70% of the tears once reserved for leaving Germany on the 26th. 

I am not a public crier at all. 

Anyway, I wanted to get a few things out in the open in this reflection and here we go!

Things I Will Miss:
Making foreign friends
My new American friends who live in other cities
Being just an hour away from London by plane
Speaking German all the time
Paying just 58,00 Euro for a semesters worth of public transportation (take note San Francisco!)
Having so much free time it becomes time consuming to think of what to do with it
Eating falafels at Die Kichererbse (eat both here and at Neckarmueller when you come to Tuebingen. DO IT.) 

Thing I Won't Miss AT ALL:
Not having a job
The lack of clothing stores that I like in my town
Going an hour out of the city to watch American movies
Having to watch tennis matches on crap live streams
Not being able to order all things from Amazon (like the $6.99 HP soundtrack deal going on today) :(
Not drinking Dr. Pepper (is this list going where you wanted it to?)
Skyping with my family (I have a pretty shit computer, so my family can sometimes barely hear or see me! Not cool.)

Days Left in Germany: 14 :(

For those who have studied abroad or made big life moves, what did you miss/didn't you miss from that time?


Getting You Smarter Through the Internet

Going on a bit of a hiatus due to my London trip tomorrow (wish me and my friend luck for wristbands!) During this time I will also have to write 10 articles--and I'm not bringing my computer, so yeah, I'll be gone for a bit.

Leaving you guys empty handed isn't something I do, so today I'm making you all smarter...through the internet.

Getting You Smarter About Time Travel....Through the Internet

Getting You Smarter About German Pronunciation....Through the Internet

P.S. I also picked this video because everything around him is fake. Can you tell?

Getting You Smarter About Financial Independence...Through the Internet

Getting You Smarter About Infinity & Mathematics....Through the Internet

How do you get smart through the internet?

Days Left in Germany: 21